Sheer fear.

They say the sky is the limit.

What if it is?

What if it is not?

Imagine the Universe as your dreams and aspirations in life, your capabilities, your potentials, your hopes….

Now, imagine the Earth as reality filled with expectations, bills, relationships, debts, work, university and the list goes on…

What is it that separates these two concepts?

You’ve imagined what is beyond and what is below, how about what is inbetween?

The atmospheric fear.

A subtle, invisible layer over the realities of how we live and divides us from how we truly hope to live.

You can’t see it, but you sure can feel it.

Is that why they say the sky is the limit, because we are too afraid to venture through this layer that protects us from the unkown?

Or maybe,

our perception to rise past the skies, stems on the fear of the fall from failure,

that burns and breaks us down into nothingness back to Earth.

better yet, let us all just embrace existance.

If the sky is your limit, let it be your limit.

But if your rise surpasses the sky, do not let the atmosphere limit your perceptions of your abilities.

Fly high,

Float for a while,

Fear with a smile


Fight as you trial.

Is awareness really being spread?

I report to you Live at the early hours of Wednesday morning, just to spread your awareness on what I am currently doing. Are you aware enough? Or do you require more spreading? (I mean that in the most appropriate way possible).

I guess what prompted me to discuss this topic, is the idea of “spreading awareness” on certain issues that are surfacing among the feeds on which most feast on.

What is it that makes users nowadays spread awareness?

What is the benefit of spreading awareness?

Especially on particular topics that are beyond personal power or knowledge.

Here she goes again being all insensitive…..

But am I?

I don’t want to seem like I am attacking what appears to be a good deed for those who are genuinely trying to help, kudos to these guys.

All I am expressing, is if you are truly invested in “spreading awareness” why stop at one post?

why stop spreading awareness when the news headlines change to the greener grass on the other side.

Or better yet,

why stop at an alcoholic beverage in hand from the weekend, dressed to match just how FABULOUS the weekend was…. I see, that awareness most definitely has spread now.

Political, Environmental, Economical, Poverty etc. issues NEVER stop.

But hey I guess it must stop when it suits you, right?

Now I am not trying to say we should turn our backs on these issues just because we can’t change them, but we simply need to educate ourselves on what we are truly advocating for.

I personally definitely would like to educate myself in these matters, but in true fact, there is not enough time in the world to understand each and every single issue that this world faces.

While there is war, there is also poverty.

While there is economical crashes, there is also abuse.

While there is environmental crisis, there is also murder.

To whichever issue you advocate for, educate yourself before you dive impulsively.

There is many more ways we can spread awareness, not just through a mobile device.

But through our actions every single day,

with the people who surround us

and through the way we project ourselves.

To appear aware is one thing,

But to BE aware is another.


I now understand and HIGHLY respect the technological world.

The amount of effort and hard work in coding, programming etc. just so we can show people what the f*ck is up (and for the real ones, the f*ck down) in our lives. We don’t realise how many different ways each click, each URL or simple Home page takes to construct. I wish I could say I wasn’t a complainer, but I most definitely am. I found it extremely comical that with creating this blog I was consistently cursing at a website-making website, then I thought you know what, I’LL WRITE ABOUT IT.

So yes, here I am, posting a written complaint on the website-making website about the website-making website 🙂

Saturday 19/02/22 10:00pm – Sunday 20/02/22 12:51am