Many have asked who, what, when, where, why and how was AYA created. The creation of AYA dates back to 2019. Where which, we have all (I’m sure of it) been in a dark corner lower than the Earth’s surface. Many discouraging events occurred during this era, a time of constant misery. What most don’t realise (I certainly didn’t at the time), opportunities are masked by these miseries. Choices to be made.

“TO BE OR NOT TO BE” – William Shakespeare

Hamlet 3.1.55-87

To be was the initial choice. Originating from the Filipino phrase

“Kaya ko” interpreted into English “I can do it”.

Two simple words translated the birth of a new world I wasn’t ready for.

The world of AYA.

As most do, we surrender to the restraints our own minds create for us to avoid misdirection. What we don’t know is, those restraints pave a path full of missed directions. I refrained to pursue the unknown and continued the road of NOT being. It wasn’t until a sudden halt to the world occurred and fortunately enough to realise that, to be was always meant for me.

For as I was, as I am and as I will be

I can only hope to bring you light to find the same wonders in your own world, as you are.