Simplicity is key.

I often wonder what I want out of life.

Do you?

Don’t we all….?

Is it love?

Is it happiness?

Is it wealth?

Funny how these may be identified as external fundamentals to strive for, but what we often do not realise is that, what is found within, is naturally exerted out.

I thought of this as I sat on a park bench after what seemed to be a day filled with mindless chaos, self inflating like a thin balloon ready to explode. I didn’t quite understand how unsettling this feeling was and I most definitely did not know how to stop it.

You will probably think that I magically felt better by what came next and that it’s such a typical script of text to describe the usual same old frollick along the field and life is rainbow and smiles concept, however…. is it not?

Beter yet, picture it like this, you may be having the worst day ever but someone, somewhere is having the best day ever simultaneously.

We all have those moments where the world does seem to be against us, no matter what we do these setbacks seem to appear more and more.

we must change our focus.

Now I could have sat there on that bench and replayed the downward spiral that was twisting and turning its way around my body. I felt my emotions slowly envelope me physically as I sat there with my head extended back neatly resting on the back of the bench, hands in my pockets, eyes closed, hoping for the storm in my head to calm to a stop….

before the storm swept me away, I chose to focus on the love I had for the simple things that I was fortunate enough to experience.

I sat and stared at an abundance of foliage from the ever growing soldiers of green that towered above me. Creeping through the gaps between the branches was an infinite sky that never fails to amaze me each time I would look upon it.

In the distance, chirping sounds of the wonderous wings that sail through the blue array above me, the whispers of the setting sun briskly breezing through my body. Chilling but refreshing.

I briefly closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, filling my lungs with the freshness of gratitude then exhaled with the relief of contentment.

Focusing the attention and feeling to the senses in my surrounds made me realise that there is love directly proportional to the storm.

When there is bad, there is good

When there is wrong, there is right


When we focus on the love deep within,

Happiness becomes our beloved kin.

And our wealth? Disguised in a heavenly grin.

Oh what a life.

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