Subtle Debts Pt.1

Since I’ve been a young girl, I enjoyed the idea of helping people, precisely in the medical field.

I have always enjoyed caring for others and providing my compassion to those who needed it the most, as of today that still stands. I’d love to pursue my career in health and continue to help those in need.

Before I realised that empathy was hard to come by, I never failed to exert an abundance of love and care for those around me hence the idealistic passion to connect this skill within the health field.

But what if I told you, that passion may potentially pave a conditioned debt not only emotionally but financially?

Let me take you back to the year of 2017 where my hopes and dreams of living the Melbourne University student life and studying Medicine to become a Doctor (yeah right) suddenly crumbled. Due to the obvious circumstance of what we call LIFE.

I was in Year 12 and freshly 18 after my birthday in April. My father, a very level headed man, often wanted me to be realistic in my dreams and encouraged me even if I didn’t understand my own abilities. What I deeply appreciated about him was he gave me the option to fulfill this dream and provided me with the tools (and tough love) to push me in the direction I desired. Although deep down he observed my bad habits and already predicted in my downfall. Now that may be a sense of discouragement, but my father lived and grew up with a doctor (an Anaethetist to be exact), a complete contrast between the two, as my father is a Wizard of Wood (who is quite highly respected in his factory for the hard work he inputs) and focuses more on what’s practical. Nowadays in society it is all about professions isn’t it? Where you studied, What career you’d like to pursue and blah blah blah…….

If you put both of these men in the same room, they will have obvious differences.

The first thing most people will say (this is a dig at the media) One is a Doctor and One is a Cabinet Maker. Who is more favourable in society?

Ponder on that statement for a moment and reflect on your own response.

Who would you choose?

I’ll leave that answer with you.

Because there is no right or wrong. As I said above there will be obvious differences, but the MAIN similarities of these two completely opposite professions is that they are both ESSENTIAL to living.

When you walk into a clinic, what is the first thing you expect to see or your main objective for coming in 1. Doctor 2. Your appointment 3. Your Health.

But what you don’t realise is that as soon as you walk in, the desk you check into (to argue with the receptionist that you forgot your medicare card in the car) was created and manufactured specifically for (you to argue across) you to check in. Ever understood the time and effort it takes to produce such a thing? The many involvements of external sources (such as factories and trades) in order for you to bang your fists just because you were forgetful enough to leave your medicare card in the car….. go figure.

Then once you go into your appointment you have a Doctor sitting on ANOTHER desk, (once again another set of external resources that have been timed in precision of ordering, manufacturing and dare I say measurements that also demands attention) only for you to say, “I would like a medical certificate for work today as I have a headache”.


Now you can tell me your opinion on these professions.

Health or Handyman? Both.

There is not one without the other.

Imagine a healthcare setting without the works of a tradesman? I tell you now, you’d be banging your fists at thin air instead.

I say this with all due respect, as we don’t realise how important most professions can be until they are removed. We as a society are condescending to things we often do not understand. Most of the time curate judgements based on the surface of a human being and apply labels that are utterly unnecessary.

Both men are good people in their own ways. But since we like to talk careers…

Both professions are equally difficult and will forever be in debted to the needs of society.


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