One of my greatest inspirations so far: Mary J. Blige.

A survivor who has been too strong for too long. I guess that’s what most of us are… sometimes we don’t realise how many things may build up to the point we fool ourselves into thinking we’re okay. Traumas of life that are suppressed in order to please those who force these matters onto us. As I learn through Mary, I keep realising my own patterns of behaviours that are triggered from a past that seems so long ago but feels close by.

When I try to make sense of these issues that trouble myself, I seem to struggle to find any conclusions. Not because there isn’t any, but because it is so complex that it becomes a twisted cycle of emotion.

An emotion that controls these fears and that’s anxiety.

It feeds into a loop of reminiscent, unnecessary pain that continues to condition the mind. This subtle symptom almost never ends until you bring awareness to yourself. The feeling creeps in on you, even on your brightest days, it lingers.

Mary J Blige is one incredible artist for this reason, she chose the path of greatness. To let her traumas become a growth opportunity in her life rather than letting these cycles depict the momentum of her life.

I hope one day we all find that strength to let go of the past that haunts our lives and imprison our minds. I’ve only just began to read her book, Real Love No Drama.

I hope this paves the beginning of the end for the many situations I’ve let condition my life, to which I hope can bring insight for you to also end the cycles you battle every day. Stay tuned….

Chapter 1: The Artist of a Generation.

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